My love and “support”

About Me

I grew up in the map dot town of Meriden, Kansas. Life was simple. My interests growing up were either artistic or athletic, and I pursued them both regularly.  As high school came to an end, I looked forward to college as an opportunity to really dedicate myself to learning a trade and becoming the self-made man I always wanted to be. I chose a degree based on a fairly narrow-minded assessment of my own experiences, and a collective murmur of college advice I took for wisdom. I made the grades and waited patiently for the information to inspire me, but it never did.

At the same time I indulged in my creative curiosities, and justified the increasing amount of time I spent on them as work towards a supplemental skill set to complement my degree. I eventually graduated with that degree, but it was the creative outlets that I experimented with along the way that I found purpose in pursuing as a profession.

My passion for photography wasn’t the only thing I discovered in college. I recently married my college sweetheart of almost four years, and couldn’t be happier to call her mine. She, along with many other family and friends, showed me just how wrong I was to esteem self made success. After thinking about how involved others have been in my life I question whether or not it even exists, and can say with all honesty that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the love and support of people around me.

I’ve worked very hard in many different roles to offer a product and a service that I feel confident in putting my name on. It is in many ways a continual work in progress, but that isn’t to say I’m all work and no play, even though the two aren’t always exclusive.

In my free time I enjoy all kinds of physical recreation, warm weather and good music. Recently I was inspired to start my bucket list (also a continual work in progress). Click here to see the list and maybe we can cross something off together!

What I like most

The detail oriented workflow. From keying on your preferences in the consultation, to chasing and shaping the light during a session, to meticulously editing the images; all to personally present a product that exceeds your expectations.

Why photography

My creative curiosity with photography became an undeniable obsession with quality, both in terms of technical mastery and moral responsibility. I believed then as I do now that images rarely exhibit both a popular aesthetic and a positive message. My endeavor is to provide a product and service that exemplifies both of these characteristics.

Why me

If you understand who I am and how I approach photography, then I can assure you there is no other professional like me. It was one of the biggest reasons I made the decision to enter into my line of work. I strive to be the photographer I would hire for my own photos.

Always ask

I think someone looking for a photographer should always respectfully inquire “What kind of work would you refuse on account of your personal values?” Photography as a profession concerns itself with the projection of ideas and the persuasion of the viewer through depiction. While the photographer is responsible for these decisions behind the camera, you are responsible for choosing that photographer. To both parties my message is the same, what you permit, you promote.

The Tagline


More often than not, amateurs take photographs while professionals make photographs. Anyone capable of pressing a camera shutter can capture a scene, but the resulting photograph will reveal the efforts that contributed to the capture before the shutter was pressed. The amount, quality, and originality of thought, preparation, and education separate an amateur from a professional, and a photograph that is taken, from one that is made.

to be Displayed

The aesthetic qualities of a photograph determine whether or not a work is worthy of the wall, but it is the message that determines whether or not it is appropriate for the setting. Rarely does a work exhibit exemplary characteristics in both respects. The endeavor of Dylan Mumaw Photography is to produce photography that does both; promotes a positive message, and exceeds aesthetic expectations. It is by these merits that I aspire for my work to be popular, and something that you desire to make highly visible.

While the component parts of the tagline are meant to communicate a literal message, they also represent a way of doing business, who business is done with, and the kind of business Dylan Mumaw Photography is involved in.

MATTHEW 5:14-17

14 “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. 16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

My photographs are created using a command of composition and lighting that place the visual interest on the subject being photographed. The lighting technique of this stylistic approach separates the subject from the surroundings in the same way that the light of a lamp is separated from the surrounding darkness. The area of emphasis is made to be a brighter part of the image, which the eye is instinctively drawn to, creating a visual representation of the metaphor in Matthew. This is the aesthetic aspect of my approach to photography. As far as content is concerned, it is no coincidence that I only promote subjects, dispositions, and depictions that kindle the light that we are called to be. In my opinion, the current trends of the photography industry propagate messages that run counter to the message in Matthew. I want to reverse these trends by producing photography that becomes popular for being both technically masterful and morally responsible – resulting in a product that, when displayed, “gives light to everyone in the house”.

What Matters Most

Convenience and experience

Even the best photography can lose its appeal if it’s associated with a bad experience. This is why I am dedicated to understanding your concerns and how to address them.

  • I have developed ways to easily identify your preferences from the initial consultation, so that your photographs can be made with intention and thoughtful consideration.
  • Informational materials are available detailing everything we discuss so that you feel informed, not overwhelmed.
  • Refunds and re-shoots are available, because despite any level of preparedness, things happen.

  • An online proofing and ordering platform is provided because no one should be pressured into making a decision. You should be able to view your pictures when you want, where you want, and with whom you want. If you feel like you need my assistance at any point in making a decision, I am glad to help or offer my opinion.

These are just some of the conveniences that I have worked hard to bring you, and will continue to add to, in order to make your overall experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

Positive Depictions

From the beginning, Dylan Mumaw Photography was contrived as a brand dedicated to photography that is both positive and popular, technically masterful and morally responsible.

Photography as a profession concerns itself with the projection of ideas and the persuasion of the viewer through depiction. The aesthetic qualities of a photograph determine whether or not a work is worthy of the wall, but it is the message that determines whether or not it is appropriate for the setting. I would argue that a fair amount of photographers only strive to attain to a level of technical mastery, while claiming no responsibility for the consequent deterioration of the medium, or the adverse effects on societal standards that occur when their visually attractive images promote bad ideological messages and the vainly precedented becomes popular.

Although gaining popularity and achieving technical mastery are motivations of mine, they are secondary to a greater sense of moral responsibility I get from acknowledging the influential nature of my profession, and my relationship with God. This is why, under no circumstance, will I promote anything other than positive messages with my God given talents, and only certain subjects with those depictions. It isn’t a strategic marketing stance, it’s a brand identity, and a dedication to photography that is “Made to be Displayed”.


My work is “Made to be Displayed”, and as a result, each product I produce exhibits a fine attention to detail. I am continually refining photography and editing techniques through educational initiatives, and researching the latest product offerings from print labs around the world. My current product offerings have been decided upon based on the evaluation of hundreds of professionally-exclusive print labs. Although extensive research has been done to ensure the quality of the products I offer, there is always the possibility that a product will fail to meet expectations. In this case, I will gladly exchange any products you are dissatisfied with at no additional charge.


Honesty is a personal principle of mine (which makes a professional qualification redundant). Unlike many in business, I consider the omission of details to be just as dishonest as misleading information.  I willfully disclose information regarding products, pricing, and practices in order to educate my clients and build relationships based on trust and transparency. I mean when have you ever seen a photography website with this much information?


Life is all about them, and in context, photography is just a means to this end. I value each and every relationship I make with the people who come to me for my products and services because it is the greatest thing that can come out of the collaboration.


What qualifies someone as a professional is up to each individual’s discretion, but these are just a few aspects that I believe are an indication of the qualification.

Tools of the trade – The right tools make all the difference. Each piece of equipment I own is the result of exhaustive research to ensure that my tools are an extension of myself, allowing me to consider all the possibilities of a project and to engage in the creative process without being hindered by equipment limitations. I want to be able to say with confidence that I can capture the aesthetic you are after, regardless of circumstances.

  • Capture: Canon 5DMKIII and L-Series lenses
  • Light and Modifiers: Paul C. Buff Einsteins and Cyber Commander system
  • Support: Manfrotto
  • Audio: Bose and Sennheiser
  • Casing: HPRC
  • Editing: Adobe Photoshop CC

Dedication to education – When you are passionate about something, you continually want to know more, and with the wealth of information out there, there is always something to learn. I regularly pursue personal projects that present creative challenges and lend to learning something new.  You can usually tell which types of projects I am pursuing by visiting my Current Discounts page.

Conduct – You can always expect me to be formal, punctual, and prepared to handle all situations pertaining to you and your photography with the utmost respect in both my personal and professional life.

Preparedness – I strive to address all the potential obstacles that may arise in regards to our creative collaboration so that experience is as enjoyable as possible, regardless of the unexpected.


Most people seeking professional photography products and services are uninformed about the process. Even before a consultation is scheduled, confusion and doubt can set in when a person is unsure of what they are getting into. I understand this common problem and have structured all interactions, including sessions, with an emphasis on education to reinforce my client’s confidence. I believe the more you know, the more enjoyable your experience will be. Additionally, I consider my own education to be a matter of professionalism, and as long as I claim to be a professional, continued education will be a priority.

If you have a suggestion on how I can improve in these areas, or any others, please do not hesitate to contact me.