My success and your satisfaction are based on our understanding and expectations of each other. Communication is critical and since a lot of it can be non-verbal, it is important that we get together to discuss the details of your project in person. Despite our many convenient forms of communication, nothing is more conducive to constructive conversation than being able to exchange thoughts and ideas with someone in person. This is the type of conversation I want to have with you to not only avoid unnecessary confusion, but also to accurately identify your preferences and make informed creative decisions about your project. No matter how unsure you are of your preferences, I will work with you to identify them and raise awareness of important project considerations. I do this by posing a series of simple questions that you can choose to answer elaborately or indifferently, allowing you to have as much or as little input on the creative direction as you desire. In other words, you can choose to express a preference, or leave a decision up to my professional discretion. There are no right or wrong answers, and no need for you to mark off a mental checklist of things to address. However, if you are the type, here are just a few things to think about if you would like to be more prepared for our conversation:

  • Your week and daytime availability
  • How far you are willing to travel
  • Examples of images you like/dislike
  • Locations/Outfits
  • Products you are interested in
  • How you intend to use the photos


  • Shot list
  • What pictures are most important to capture
  • Examples of images you like/dislike
  • Wedding day details (number in wedding party, colors/themes, venues, prep locations, itinerary etc.)
  • Products you are interested in
  • How you intend to use the photos


Once I have identified your preferences and received your payment for the session or event, I will begin planning for your project. This will include developing an approach, settling on a shot list, identifying locations, appropriating and coordinating time, and structuring shooting opportunities. This process may take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks (or even months for much more complicated projects). Usually I can give a very good indication of this time frame during our initial consultation once I have some basic information about the type of photography you are interested in. Throughout this preparation phase I will keep in touch, letting you in on my line of thought and informing you of any developments as decisions are made and plans progress.


When I feel that all the pertinent details of the session have been considered and I have put a plan together, I will contact you to schedule the session based on the availability you expressed in the consultation.


A consultation will be scheduled two weeks before your wedding date to finalize the details of your big day, and collect the remaining balance of services.

The Session/Event

It all leads up to this. Make sure to visit the Details/FAQ page to learn about how certain sessions/events are conducted and get answers to commonly asked questions about specific types of photography.


After the session/event, images are uploaded to a private online site for you to proof. Proofing refers to the process of viewing, commenting on, sorting, and selecting your favorite images from the session/event. Uploaded images will exhibit basic editing and color correction, and should be evaluated with this in mind. Advanced retouching is performed on all images that are purchased. After the images have been uploaded, you will receive notification that your images are available to view online. You will usually receive this notification within two weeks of the session/event date. Once online, the images will remain available for a period of four calendar weeks from the date of notification. Your notification will include a link to your personal gallery, as well as login credentials (username, password etc.) which are specific to gallery clients. You can also grant gallery access to non-clients by providing the included visitor password which restricts visitors from viewing images that have been locked by anyone with a client password. Galleries can be viewed on any device with an internet connection (desktop computer, tablet, phone), however the vast majority of proofing and ordering features are only available when the gallery is viewed on a desktop computer.


The proofing platform you become familiar with in the previous step is the same platform you will use to place orders online. Images can be placed into an interactive online shopping cart by selecting one or more of the current products available. Balances for product orders can be paid during the online checkout process by credit card, or paid later by check, cash, or credit card. Orders cannot be processed until payment is received and confirmed.

Online proofing and ordering services are provided for your comfort and convenience so that you can make decisions about your images on your own time, and in your own environment. However, if you feel uncomfortable making these decisions, or just need a little advice, I’m here to help. I can access all client and visitor gallery sessions and actually make changes to any aspect of your session from a remote computer as if I were sitting right beside you. I review all online orders before they are fulfilled for issues involving image crops, order quantities, and other peculiarities. In-person proofing and ordering is also available!

Getting the Goods

Product turnaround time will vary depending on product type, time of year, availability, add-ons, order complexity, and other such factors. You can inquire about the status of an order by clicking on the “Check Order Status” link at the bottom of the gallery, and entering you order ID and email.


After you receive your products, make sure to let me know how I did! All feedback is read, considered, and greatly appreciated!

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