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Cover Materials

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  • Chocolate
  • Irish Cream
  • Moccasin
  • Nutmeg
  • Palomino
  • Charcoal
  • Latte
  • Camel
  • Storm
  • Vino
  • Sage
  • Fog
  • Chai
  • Alpine
  • Frost
  • Rain
  • Dusk
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Deep Sea
  • Desert
  • Forest


What is it?

Debossing is the process of pressing a metal die into a material using a carefully controlled amount of heat to create a permanent impression in the material that is recessed from the surface. Without the addition of ink or foil to the impression, the process is referred to as blind debossing. Blind debossing beautifully separates the imprinted design from the surrounding material, creating contrast through the unique physical reaction of the impressed material to heat and pressure. The depth of the design draws you in, where you are able to appreciate the variance of the impressed material that gives the cover its two-tone aesthetic; a beautiful detail that is both subtle and distinctive, understated and sophisticated. Each and every album includes blind debossing, and is sure to make an impression on more than just your album cover.

Foil Stamping

Available exclusively for RedTree fine art albums with Luxe Linen Covers

Want something a little less subtle? Add foil stamping to your Luxe Linen album deboss for free! Available in gold, silver, and rose gold.


The RedTree album gives you complete control of your debossed design because the die is custom cast specifically for the cover of your fine art album. It can be anything from a timeless typeface to describe an important occasion, to a unique artistic illustration with personal significance, or both! With your input, I will personally design your die, making recommendations when necessary to ensure the quality and visibility of the finished design in a 4x2 inch space on the front of your album.

Paper Types


Fujicolor's Crystal Archive Lustre paper has a subtle pebble texture and slight reflective property that allows it too be viewed at more angles than a typical gloss-coated print, while retaining a similar contrast for brilliantly vivid color reproduction.

For rich colors and tones


Fujicolor's Crystal Archive Deep Matte Paper has a unique matte surface with elegant color, creamy whites and a subtle warmth that lends to a fine art feel.

For a flatter fine art feel

Yours, Without Markup

- six hundred & fifty five dollars -


12x12 album with rounded cover corners
Your choice of distressed leather
4x2 custom cover debossing
Archive quality luster or matte paper
10 spreads
40 images


Luxe linen cover – $11 (Foil debossing free)
Luxe leather cover – $33
7×3 custom cover deboss – $33
Additional spreads – $34 (1 spread, 4 images)

A word on "optional" album features

Optional features are just that, they are not labeled "Upgrades" for a reason. When I present these fine art albums to you as being the best available, I do so knowing that every feature available to you, whether included or optional, is the best quality of its kind. Some features are inherently more expensive than others, but none are inherently better. Options are provided to suit your personal preferences regarding the presentation of your images, not to give you the impression that quality costs extra. Be assured that what is included in the price of your fine art album represents an uncompromising set of requisite characteristics for an album configuration that deserves its distinction. If that configuration also represents your ideal album, then there is no need to consider any other options, you have found the best album money can buy.


What is a spread?

A spread is made up of the back of one page and the front of the next page. It is the left and right side you see when the album is open. Pages make up the album, spreads are what you see.

How many spreads do I need?

Adding a spread to your album will create space for four more images within the album layout. Album pricing includes 10 spreads and 40 images. The amount of images you would like in your album determines if you need additional spreads, and how many. For example, if you would like 55 images in your album, you will need 4 additional spreads (40 images included, 15 more needed, 4 images/spread).

RedTree Parent Album Stack (2x1)

Companion Albums

"Cut from the same cloth"

Would you like to have a copy of your album to give to friends or family members? Or maybe just a smaller copy for yourself? Because of the size of your album, smaller 6x6 albums can be made using the materials that are left over from the creation of your album for a fraction of the price. Even though the companion albums are made from remnants, they are in no way structurally or cosmetically different from a made to order 6x6 album. However, the remnants are very much different from any other pieces of material in that they are cut from the material that wraps your album. In effect, a companion album is as close to your personal album as you are to the person you give it to.

What you really want to know

Like your personal album, companion albums are offered to you without markup from the manufacturer for $150. Companion albums are made to be 6x6 scale replicas of your personal album, however they cannot be debossed. Additionally, because of how they are created, orders for companion albums must be placed at the same time as your personal album, and cannot be purchased later.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is largely dependent on several factors including the number of images in your album, the time of year, and the amount of revisions made before sending the album to the lab for production. Once the album has been sent, it is usually created and shipped within 4-5 weeks. You can expect to have the album in your hands in 2.5-6 months after placing an order.

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